● June 22, 2016. Zhen Hua 33, The World's Newest Self Propelled Semi-Submersible Transportation And Floatover Installation Vessel, Successful Launched On June 18 By ZPMC

HOUSTON, TX-- ZPMC-OTL Marine Contractor Ltd. (ZOMC) is pleased to announce the Zhen Hua 33 was successfully launched on 18 June at ZPMC's Nantong Fabrication Facility.

Zhen Hua 33 is the newest, most technologically advanced, and highest capability self-propelled float-over vessel in the world. With a free deck area of 185 x 43 m, Zhen Hua 30 is the longest vessel in its class and is constructed with a reinforced stern. The fully removable aft casings make the vessel an ideal choice for transportation of heavy modules and spars requiring a stern loadout. The vessel is also equipped to submerge 13.5 m for loading and discharge of deeper draft drilling rigs and floating production facilities. A Kongsberg DP-II system is fully integrated with two tunnel thrusters at the bow and three fully-revolving main azimuth thrusters at the stern. With 19,000 kW of power, the vessel is expected to transit at speeds up to 14 knots.

The vessel is currently on schedule to be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

Zhen Hua 33 is being marketed by ZPMC-OTL Marine Contractor Ltd. (ZOMC). ZOMC is a strategic joint venture between ZPMC Offshore Services Group and OffshoreTech LLC. The global alliance will provide the oil and gas market with access to unique niche vessels and best in class engineering for execution of a broad range of complex offshore projects serving client needs through the full lifecycle of a facility from greenfield installation, brownfield modifications, and ultimately decommissioning. The fleet currently consists of 2 heavy lift vessels, 24 transportation vessels, 5 shear leg cranes, 18 tugs, 22 barges, and 3 jack-up barges.

Additional vessel specifications and further market updates can be found at www.zomc.com.